Do Not Call it Glamour Photography

Don’t call it glamour photography is something I hear a lot when I am discussing my business with other people. Glamour photography is a dead genre that nobody buys anymore, that nobody photographs anymore. Glamour photography is cheesy, with silly poses, dumb props, and a lot of 1980s clothes. Glamour is a dirty word that you should not use when talking about women’s portraiture.

But I like to shoot portraits of real women. Real women with compelling stories, laugh lines and real bodies. Women who are inspirational, caring, and trying to embrace their own uniqueness. Women who need to feel better about themselves, women who love their families, and any woman who has ever looked in the mirror and felt like she wasn’t good enough.  I want to show women a different way of seeing themselves.  I want to show women how I see them, and I want to share their stories.

I agree the 80s genre of glamour photography was pretty bad, and it needed to be revamped and revived.  But to me glamour photography is not dead, and there is no other word for the kind of photography I want to shoot.  It’s beautiful, sexy, empowering, inspirational and of course glamourous.

I challenge you to come into my studio and have your photograph taken by me. Make sure you bring a friend, your mom, your sister or your partner because somethings are better experienced with others.  Also book a night out afterwards because you will look gorgeous. Trust that I know what beauty looks like, and I can see your beautiful spirit, the spirit that lights you up inside and makes you that fun, loving person.  I can capture it with my camera and show it back to you.  Contact me here for your personal consolation.

Glamour is back! How do you want to be photographed?

Megan Smart - Glamour Photography Megan Smart - Glamour Photography Megan Smart - Glamour Photography

Bridal Portraits – Tapatio Springs – Kathryn’s Bridals – Wedding Wednesday!

Bridal Portraits at Tapatio Springs, in Boerne Texas!  I’m so excited that I finally get to show these!  This beautiful girl was married last Saturday at the Don Strange Ranch. However, we took her bridal portraits at a beautiful hill country resort/getaway.  Kathryn is stunning bride with a laid back personality. I always enjoy brides that go with the flow and trust that I’m going to do my best to take the best bridal portraits possible from my abilities and Kathryn did just that. I loved her cinderella style bridal gown and all her accessories. And of course those turquoise boots! Scroll down to see them.  Her wedding will be up soon!

Megan Smart Megan Smart Megan Smart Megan Smart Megan Smart


The Bridal Portraits are mainly a southern tradition where 1-2 months before the wedding, the new bride has a photo session with her full wedding attire. It is one of the few times in a women’s life where she will have her portraits taken alone, and most brides use their trial run on their hair and makeup for the session. No sense it wasting all that beauty.

It’s also used to create those beautiful images that you don’t have time for on the wedding day and for the bride and the photographer to get to know each other a little better. It makes for a wonderful afternoon spent in your dress, all made-up, feeling like a supermodel. Also, you get that gorgeous portrait at the sign in book for your wedding which is traditionally given the mother of the bride..  A Bridal Portrait is a must, because they are great gifts for the groom, parents and grandparents.

Contact Me here to schedule your own bridal portrait session.

Arrow Following – Women Living Dreams – Trista

I’ve known Trista for about 5 years now, and when I got the chance to photograph her and her mother I was so excited. One because I know how beautiful these gals are, and two because of their close relationship. Trista is a nurse here where I live, plus she and my husband went to high school together. A very small school, so they have pretty much known each other their whole lives.  When I decided to start the arrow following series, I knew Trista had to be a part of it. Her strength and grace is something to be admired. Plus she is wonderful mother of two adorable twins.

Find out below what she has to say about goals, self-appearance and making dreams come true!

1. To women and young girls out there, what would you like to say about pursuing goals and dreams?

Go for it! I would rather fail at trying something I loved rather than living a life of what ifs. I think succeeding at a goal is all about attitude and drive. Find what your passionate about, set your mind to it, and and don’t take no for an answer.


Megan Smart - Glamour Photography

2. What would you say was the hardest part about achieving your goals?

I struggle with moments of self doubt. When trying to achieve a goal there are many roadblocks that will come up, whether they’re physical, financial, or mental, and you have to keep your eye on the prize and push forward.

3. Growing up, what type of self-image did you have?

As a young girl/woman I was never satisfied with my physical appearance. My mom told me every day I was beautiful and she was proud of me, yet I still felt not good enough. I think society’s skewed expectations of how a girl/woman should be or look like is to blame for my insecurities growing up. As women, and especially as mothers, we need to change that!

4. If you could go back, what’s the one thing you would change?

Honestly, nothing. I think all of my life experiences have shaped me in to the person I am today, and I’m pretty proud of that person!

5. Have you always know you were going to be __________ or did evolve as you went along?

After a stay in the hospital at age seventeen, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I admired my nurses compassion, knowledge, and confidence. I will never forget the respect and awe I felt for them. And I have always had a strong drive to care for people; nursing became my passion. Nurse practitioner wasn’t in the original plan, but as I have grown as a nurse I now feel I can be most helpful to people as a provider.

Megan Smart



6. For the women out there dealing with fear and self-doubt, what do you want to say about that?

“We all have moments of self-doubt, embrace if only for a moment, analyze, validate, and move forward.”- KerryAnn Bartle
Everyone at some point experiences self doubt, it’s the moving forward that is important. In the end the only thing we regret are the chances not taken.

7. What’s next for you?

I am just starting graduate school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am so excited to start this next chapter in my career and achieve my dream providing care to those that are underserved.

8. What are the 5 things people probably don’t know about you?
1. I love metal music. All That Remains and As I Lay Dying are two of my favorite bands.
2. I love true crime books and TV shows.
3. I have an irrational fear of tornadoes.
4. I might have an addiction to Whataburger, Dr Pepper, and Reeses
5. I have a really large tattoo. Most people are quite surprised when they see it.

9. The glamour experience with Megan Smart, how did that make you feel?

Amazing! As a mom of twin toddlers I NEVER have time for myself. It’s always comfy clothes and hair up in a pony tail for this girl. It felt great to dress up and feel pretty, and I will forever cherish those photos I have with my mom.

Megan Smart

10. Self- Confidence, how do you keep it up and keep working at your goals everyday?

My children are big motivators for me. I want to be an example to them to set goals for yourself, and I want them to know they can do anything they set their mind to. You only get one life to live so might as well spend it doing what you love and loving yourself!


*Trista and her mom’s hair/makeup was done by Raw Mane Lounge.
Do you know someone who would be a great inspiration to women?  You can nominate them by contacting me.

Wedding Wednesday : Carol and Kyle tie the knot!

Remember this adorable couples’s engagement session, well as promised here is the wedding! This wedding was full of laughter and happy tears. From the father of the groom’s speed to the first dance, and ending with sparklers. Happy tears were on every guests face. The River Hill Mansion in Kerrville was the perfect setting for this white and silver wedding. With classic flowers and sweet hearts,  there was no shortage of delight and beauty.


Megan Smart

Wedding Wednesday : Larra & John Engagements : Kerrville, Texas

I photographed Larra and John’s engagement photos back in June and I had a blast going from place to place with them.  Larra did an excellent job on their clothing, and I believe all her effort paid off big time in the photos.  They are  awesome people, and actually made my job really easy. After awhile, I didn’t even have to direct them.  These two are so sweet to each other, and John was cracking up both Larra and I with his jokes about posing and being silly. It was pretty hot that morning, but we pushed on.  Larra then took me to her wedding venue in downtown Comfort Texas, and we photographed some there. Let me just say, I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in September at this venue. It’s the old general store and oh my goodness is the light to die for.  More to come from Larra and John…but until then enjoy some engagement portraits of this adorable couple.

Megan Smart Photography

Finding a true path

Lately, I’ve been praying quite a bit, trying to figure out what I’m really suppose to do with my life. What’s my purpose?  Am I going the right way? Am following my true path?  And then I come to realization that maybe I’m not since I don’t know if I am.  I asked this question to one my mentors the other day, and her response is “you won’t know it’s your true path unless you take action. How will you know you don’t like it? If you sit on your butt and never try anything because of fear, how will you ever find out what you love?” And of course, she’s right. Because she’s been there.  I know I love taking photographs, I love seeing the art on my camera screen. I love seeing the expression of people and capturing that moment.  But I want to create something bigger than me. Something that moves and inspires people.  I want every women to feel good about themselves. To know that they are enough in this world.  That they are not lacking in any way and the people who say they are, are dealing with self issues. I want that fear of the camera to go away. The fear of hiding behind people or dodging just out of frame. I want women to  be loud and proud of who they are, every day.  And maybe that’s my true path, to help women/young girls feel better about themselves. My self-image isn’t that great. i pick on myself constantly. Always have, but I’m working on it. Everytime I say something negative, I try to remind myself about the postive. And maybe that’s why I try so hard to get women to understand that what you see on the outside doesn’t matter. It’s the person inside. And I know we have all heard it a dozen times, that we shouldn’t beat up on ourselves. And to be honest, I actually have no idea why we do it. Why is it so important to be skinny? or to have perfect hair? or perfect skin?  Why?  I wish I had the answer.

sorry for the rant.

Arrow Following – Women Living Dreams – Vanessa Franco

Women Living Dreams Series – Post #2 – Vanessa is a business owner (a salon) with a great entrepreneur spirit. She sees a world that is full of opportunity and growth for herself and her business. It’s amazing to read her answers to the questions below, because she is so relatable.  She has struggled with self-image, fear and not knowing where to start. AND, she overcame it.

I’ve always thought it was fate on how Vanessa and I met, because one day I felt as if I need to cut all my hair off but I was in a new town and didn’t have regular hair stylist. I happened to walk into the salon she was currently working at (not the one she owns now) and she had an opening for me.  She then proceeded to cut my hair  THE WAY it was supposed to be cut! She understood what type my hair is, what it needed and everything in between. I was so impressed with her, that I instantly became a repeat client!  When she moved into her own salon, she contacted me to let me know she had moved and after awhile I approached her and her sister about combining services. (her sister will be featured on the blog soon)

Her salon does all the hair and makeup on my clients and so far I haven’t been disappointed. We also like to talk about our goal and futures within this crazy journey of entrepreneurship, it’s really nice to have person to bounce ideas off of now and then.

I photographed Vanessa earlier this week, to document the self-confidence she has gained at such a young age, and to show the world her true beauty.

Read on below to hear what she has to say about struggles, fear and self-doubt.
Plus she gives you little tips on how to overcome it.


1. To women and young girls out there, what would you like to say about pursuing goals and dreams?

Start writing and visualizing your dreams. Getting pictures, objects that will help you to attain what you desire.

2. What would you say was the hardest part about achieving your goals?

Not knowing how to start a business. I knew I needed to have equipment. So, I started buying one thing at a time. My first purchase was a heat mat to place my hot tools on. I still use it!

3. Growing up, what type of self-image did you have?

Not a good one. I lacked vision, I lacked character, I didn’t understand who I was, what I needed to do with myself. I didn’t expect to have a tomorrow.

Megan Smart
4. If you could go back, what’s the one thing you would change?

Be involved more, I had a self image so low that it kept me from trying things, joining in activities and such. I kept myself from things from the fear of rejection and feeling I won’t  fit in.

5. Have you always know you were going to be a business owner or did evolve as you went along?

It never came across my mind until the beginning of 2011! I was having thoughts of how nice would it be not to work for someone else. Around that time my dad approached me and told me to do something on my own! With the support of my family I felt I could go for it!

6. For the women out there dealing with fear and self-doubt, what do you want to say about that?

Those feelings are only to keep you  stagnate and in the same place. Those feelings can be an indicator of you need to face it and overcome it!

7. What’s next for you?

A few things! One thing that we are working on is making Raw Mane Lounge expand. Stay tuned!

Megan Smart

8. What are the 5 things people probably don’t know about you?

1. I wear eye-glasses every night until recently. Last week they broke on me! That’s a good thing because they were 10 years old!!

2. There’s a Cd of Three Doors Down that I listen to every now and then that I have had since high school. My escape because I don’t associate it with anyone or anything and I know every word to each song.

3. I try to smile allot because I think I look mean when I don’t.

4. I drive with on leg propped up under me in the seat but it’s only when Im alone in my car.

5.My sibilings laugh and make fun of me because they say my yawns are exaggerated!


9. The glamour experience with Megan Smart, how did that make you feel?

Having a specific time set aside to do this from my regular schedule was a treat! Megan made me feel comfortable the whole time! So excited to have these pictures of me to recall the time what was going on at that moment of my life. It will be a nice reminder of what I did with my life thru these pictures. Forever captured!

10. Self- Confidence, how do you keep it up and keep working at your goals everyday?

I read books and listen to podcasts. From spiritual to business. Self confidence to me is knowing information then it will manifest in your actions. My goals are an everyday thing! I have an app with all my goals with how to achieve them and with pictures to see. I see them daily and speak out loud what they are.



Do you know someone who would be a great inspiration to women?  You can nominate them by contacting me.

Wedding Wednesday : Carol and Kyle Engagements

I’m currently editing this couple’s wedding and I thought I would share some photos from their outdoor engagement session.  I’m a firm believer that engagement photos are important because it lets you get to know how your photographer is going to work on the wedding day.  You aren’t heading into the most important day of your life, blind.  And believe me, that’s a good thing.

Carol and Kyle are such a sweet couple, and it’s adorable to watch them together. You get the idea when you see their photos.  Their wedding will be up soon! Excited to show you!

If you’re interested in an engagement session you can contact me here.

Megan Smart

Last Call for 2015 Senior Models! (Reps for Megan Smart Photography)

Last call/last chance to become a model for Megan Smart Photography and enjoy some perks and make some extra spending money! I’m looking for some fabulous seniors from the Kerrville Area to represent Megan Smart Photography, click the link below to fill out an application. Models will be selected on June 30th.




2015 High School Senior Model Application

So here are the details, read carefully!

Senior Model Requirements:

  • You must currently be a 2014 Junior, graduating in 2015.
  • You must live in and attend a high school within 40 miles of 78028.
  • You and your parents must agree to promote only for Megan Smart Photography for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through June 1, 2014 to May 30th, 2015
  • “Like” Megan Smart Photography on Facebook and encourage your friends to as well.
  • Inform your fellow classmates that they will receive a FREE 8×10 if they book a session with Megan Smart Photography.
  • A signed release form (signed by you and your parents)
  • Use any pictures from you Facebook gallery as your profile picture of at least half of your senior year.
  • 2 promotional photo shoots, one in the Summer and one in the Spring for Megan Smart Photography.
What do you get??
You’ll enjoy:
♥ For every referral that books a session, you will receive $25 in cash.
♥ You’ll have your hair and makeup done {for the girls, of course}
♥ 50 customized referral cards with your name, photo & my contact information to pass out to your friends! {Photos of your choice}
♥ After your first two referrals, a standard senior portrait session (between 1-2 hours, up to 3 outfit changes)!! FOR FREE! This will provide you with an additional 15-20 images! (only pay for hair and makeup)
♥ Up to 10 watermarked images for your Facebook.
♥ A Senior Rep spotlight blog post, featuring you, your hobbies & interests!
♥ 10% off all print purchases
♥ A t-shirt representing Megan Smart Photography.
Okay so now you’re interested. What do you do next?
Before you can become an official Senior Rep for Megan Smart Photography, you must fill out the 2015 Senior Model application.
contact me at with any questions!