A promise to my unborn children…

Dear Son/Daughter,

When you are born, I promise to count every toe and every finger. I promise to rock you sleep, to push back your hair, and kiss your cheeks. When you’re crying the middle of night, I promise not to moan about getting out of bed. I will try my best to live in the moment and realize that I will want this moment back someday.

I will coming running when I hear your cries and your sobs. I will be there when your frustrated with potty training, or when your favorite toy breaks. I promise to kiss away the pain and tell you get back out there. 

I promise to take time away from the laundry, work and the dishes to play with you. I will cherish your laughter and your smile. I will try to be a good a mother, but you need to forgive me when I mess up. Realize that I’m human, because I’m beating myself up over it as well.

I will be proud of you when you’re in the school play, even though you were just a tree. I promise to mend the broken heart, give you strength, and lift you up.

I will be there (either in person or thought) for every baseball, volleyball, basketball, softball,  football, or any other sports you are playing. I will be there when it’s your final game, and tears are streaming down your cheeks. I will be the one to give you a hug and cry along with you.

I promise to try with all my heart to teach you the right path. To accept the fact that you will make your own choices even when I know (and have told you) it’s the wrong one.  Why? Because I’ve made that same choice myself. I know the outcome.

When it’s your wedding day and I’m sitting in the crowd, I can not promise I won’t cry. Because I will be reminiscing about your  childhood.  About your first smile, your first laugh.

And when the kids are driving you crazy, I promise I will come to you. To fix you dinner, hear your frustration, and to be your rock.

Son/Daughter,  I hope you have my passion and your father’s strength. I hope your strong willed and compassionate. I promise to be there for you when you’re at your lowest low and your highest high. Because you are a part of me, even though you’re not in this world yet. The love for you is already there.

Are the photos turning out good?

Every time I move the camera up, I can see the fear of the photos looking terrible on your face.  I tell you to relax, to trust me. To trust that I’m making you look gorgeous that I’m going to guide you through every step of the way.

You will be posed right down to very last eyelash. No detail is to small in my studio. There won’t be any double chins, or bulging tummies. Your make up is applied to perfection to give you the confidence to step in front of my lens. The artists have created a work of art with you, and you look as if you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

You finally start to relax. To let your true self shine through, and I can see the confidence with every click of the camera shutter. That’s the best part about being a portrait photographer. Seeing the beauty through the lens. Knowing that you just froze time and that you giving an image that they will cherish forever.

So when you’re feeling insecure during the photo shoot, try your best to trust me. To trust that I know what beauty looks like, and that I can bring it out in you.

Megan Smart _DSC2400

Why your mom needs a pamper day…

Because she juggles kids, work, home, a husband and school events.

Because she does it all with a smile on her face.

Because she wipes away the tears, and shares in the laughter.

Because she is there for the first heartbreak, the wedding day, and the grand baby.

Because her work as a mother is never really done.

Because she always answers her phone.

Because she would kill for you.

Because her love is unconditional.

Because she is special.

Megan Smart


It’s Opening Day! (for baseball that is)

The 2014 baseball season starts today, and I’m so ready! Ready for the heat waves, double headers, nachos, baseball caps (baseball pants lol) and of course watching games with best friends. I played softball in college, so this sport has a soft spot in my heart. It’s the home runs, the cheers, the teammates, the smell of grass, the sunflower seeds, the stolen bases, the unbelievable defensive plays that makes the entire game a magnificent thing to watch. It’s America’s pastime.  I’m a big Rangers fan, being from Texas and all. Who are you going for?

I offer a folio box for my clients…

What is a folio box? This question comes up quite a bit in my business.

A folio box is a beautiful silver presentation box that holds 11×14 white matted prints. It can be kept as a keepsake, stored in a special place or put on your coffee table. The prints are ready for framing, make great gifts, or the images can be displayed right in the box.

Another plus on the folio box, it will protect your photos for life, and gives you an easy storage solution if you want to rotate your images in frames around your home.

FolioBox1 FolioBox2

I offer a folio box of 6 prints, 10 prints or 20 prints. The folio box also comes with a flash drive of the digital files purchased with the prints.

A unique way to display images from a portrait session, the folio box is classy and elegant.

Why I sell the digital file packaged with a print…

In my glamour portrait business, I don’t sell the digital files by themselves…shocking I know. I package the digital file with a print. (this does not apply to weddings, weddings are a different pricing business all together)

Why? Because the digital file is where all the work is, all the editing time, all the shooting time, all the processing time. That’s where the pricing comes from, not the print you are buying. I don’t know why the photography industry has gone in a direction where it doesn’t cost as much to get the digital files. When in fact, a cd of digital files should cost way more than any print. Because like I said, the digital files is where the work is. If the work was in the print, then I would be cutting down the tree, making the printer inks, making the paper, printing on the paper, and then delivering it to you. But my work is the art of the photograph, not the piece of paper.

I package my digital file with a print, because I feel like then I’m doing you a service. You now longer have to go to Walmart, or CVS and print out it yourself. I do all the work for you. I order them, mat the print, and package them. All you have to do, is pick them up. No work on your part. And that makes me feel good.

No longer will the cd sit in a desk drawer, the art work on it never to be printed, never to be seen in an album or hung on the wall because I’m doing the work for my clients. In my pricing, it’s the same price for 6 digital files alone, or 6 digital files + prints. So you see, you’re getting both for the same price, digital files + prints.  What’s better than that?

Next Post: What is the folio box? Stay tuned!

Megan Smart